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Brain Based Self-Regulation Techniques

Biofeedback Assessment Options

Our biofeedback assessment identifies how many symptoms you may have that may be responsive to biofeedback or neurofeedback & which protocol is best for you. There are two assessment options for you to choose from prior to attending your 1st appointment.

Mini Assessment $175
(Basic consultation excludes the TOVA, EEG or any biofeedback hook-up)

Full Assessment $350
(includes the TOVA continuous performance test, psychometrics, a mini Biofeedback baseline (EEG, EKG, EMG, BP, skin conductance, respiration, and temperature) & treatment time)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not related to I.Q. Some parents are convinced that if their child has ADD or ADHD they will never be "normal" and continually ostracized. ADHD can be treated effectively. There are several effective treatment options available ranging from pharmacology, to cognitive behavioural therapy within psychological services, as well as biofeedback. Even nutrition is believed to play a role and the FeinGold diet is well used for ADD/ADHD.